Masternodes / Coins

With us, you can share a masternode with other people (pooling), or you book an entire masternode just for yourself. The rewards for your share of a masternode or your whole masternode will automatically be credited to your account (Wallet) at the end of the month as coins in the appropriate cryptocurrency.

Example You participate with e.g. 200 ZCoins (XZC) currently worth 1,216.00 USD at a ZCoin masternode, then you will automatically receive about 3 ZCoin worth about 18.24 USD of money each month in your account.

You can participate in the following Masternodes:

logo Dash

Dash (DASH)

Behind the name of the crypto currency Dash hides a short form of „digital cash“, which translates into nothing more than digital money. Originally it bore the name XCoin, which ... more

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logo pivx


On February 1, 2016, the PIVX currency was launched. At that time, it was still under the name Darknet started. Due to the positive response, it was renamed to PIVX, which renames valid to ... more

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logo Zcoin xzc

Zcoin (XZC)

Often, a comparison with Bitcoin is used when discussing the cryptocurrency Zcoin. This may be mainly because originally was not about to create a new means of payment, but only an ... more

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logo Blocknet

Blocknet (BLOCK)

When talking about Blocknet, the term „Internet of Blockchains“ is usually not far away. This is because this cryptocurrency has a very special purpose that ... more

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logo Horizen

Horizen (ZEN)

Originally known as ZenCash the cryptocurrency renamed itself in August of 2018 to Horizen. The rebranding took place, as the priorities have expanded ... more

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logo SmartCash

SmartCash (SMART)

The cryptocurrency SmartCash is one of the newer, as it was first listed in September 2017. Nevertheless, it surprised in no time by overtaking established coins that ... more

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